Scattered Thoughts From an Improbable Mind

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Quitting smoking?

I quit smoking cigarettes habitually a few weeks back (still happens drunkenly. Am very heavily considering quitting habitual  smoking completely (herbs & tobacco).

I’m looking into getting a vaporizer, maybe an Arizer Solo. Vaping really seems like the way forward to me.

No, really.

Andrew Jackson Jihad stayed at my house.

Andrew Jackson Jihad stayed at my house tonight

It was a blast

Godt gået, Rose.

She’s at least three times as masculine as I am. She never wears dresses, and when we met I was wearing a dress. Her hands always have little cuts and she’s way stronger than me. she does manual work at a horse place thing, and I go to school. she’s at least as unhygenic as I am.

She even invited me to see Perfume Genius with her this november. She got and paid for the tickets, and I’m psyched as hell to see a scrawny man sing sad songs at a piano with her.

I’m pretty sure we’re the gayest heterosexual couple there is, and it’s fucking great.

Also the girlfriend situation is now a girlfriend situation, and it’s pretty great.

but she lives an eternity away and I really fucking miss having her close to me.

I didn’t smoke weed today, for the first time in a while.

Of course I really want to smoke right now, but it has also been pretty great being sober. I cleaned up my room.

i hope nobody thinks im trying to write poetry

fuck, i accidentally became older.

i found some neat things along the way though.

maybe i should let it happen again