Scattered Thoughts From an Improbable Mind

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Godt gået, Rose.

She’s at least three times as masculine as I am. She never wears dresses, and when we met I was wearing a dress. Her hands always have little cuts and she’s way stronger than me. she does manual work at a horse place thing, and I go to school. she’s at least as unhygenic as I am.

She even invited me to see Perfume Genius with her this november. She got and paid for the tickets, and I’m psyched as hell to see a scrawny man sing sad songs at a piano with her.

I’m pretty sure we’re the gayest heterosexual couple there is, and it’s fucking great.

Also the girlfriend situation is now a girlfriend situation, and it’s pretty great.

but she lives an eternity away and I really fucking miss having her close to me.

I didn’t smoke weed today, for the first time in a while.

Of course I really want to smoke right now, but it has also been pretty great being sober. I cleaned up my room.

i hope nobody thinks im trying to write poetry

fuck, i accidentally became older.

i found some neat things along the way though.

maybe i should let it happen again



oh god im next i definitely have aids

I just caught myself wishing that I’d brought my book with me to kill time in the waiting room.

Reading “Necrophilia Variations” in a sex health clinic probably isn’t the best idea though.

I’m getting tested for STDs today so I can have unprotected sex with a person who lives halfway across the (tiny) country, but whom I’m still with more often than pretty much anyone in my class.

Sometimes I don’t know what I want, usually when I get what I asked for.

I really hope I don’t have AIDS.